Code of Conduct ”Our Golden Codes”

A copy of our Code of Condu​ct​ can be ​found by clicking here​​


Embracing a high standard of governance and business ethics requires also continues development of policies, procedures, knowledge and practices. QAPCO is committed in conducting business in compliance with the principles established in laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Our Business witnessed significant improvements to our governance and business ethics practices as our BoD adopted numerous policies that strengths these practices relating to competition, anti-fraud, compliance, anti-bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, speaking up and confidential information that is built to align our business’s drivers with our stakeholders’ interests. We aim to earn their trust by cultivating a culture of integrity and transparency within our organization.

  1. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  2. Anti-fraud Policy
  3. Competition Policy
  4. Compliance Policy
  5. Confidential Information Policy
  6. Conflicts of Interest Policy
  7. Corporate Governance Policy
  8. Speaking Up Policy