Vision, Mission and Values



To become a world-class petrochemical solution partner


We are a sustainable responsible producer of Petrochemical solutions, focusing on excellence and product development

Our Values

Safety IconSafety

We persistently ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, assets and communities; taking a proactive approach to safety, we relentlessly seek ways to improve our safety performance


We act in a responsible manner that benefits not only our shareholders but also our society and the environment in which we operate. We contribute to the welfare of society and the environment.


We respect our colleagues, stakeholders, partners and communities and act with care and consideration to build trusting relationships. We value our diversity and each individual’s contribution.


We place the highest importance on honesty and ethical behaviour, always choosing to do the right thing. We value transparency in our dealings with each other and stakeholders. We believe results matter, but how we achieve those results also matters


We continually improve our processes to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and higher performance. We learn from both our successes and mistakes. Each of us is accountable for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our work.


We communicate across all areas and levels, sharing information and considering diverse viewpoints to achieve our common goals. We recognize and appreciate those who work across teams and groups to achieve our vision and strategy