Vision, Mission and Values



QAPCO envisages dynamic and sustainable growth targeting the prosperity and wellbeing of our employees, society and to contribute to Qatar’s ever-growing economy.


QAPCO is determined to achieve its Vision through sustainable growth driven by innovation in processes, products, research and development achievable only through a developed talented workforce while safeguarding health, safety, and the environment.

Our Values


The heart and soul of the organization is built on the dedication of our people and their commitment to exceed the expectations of our community and customers. We seek to retain talent, and foster a collaborative and supportive environment.


We persistently ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, assets and communities; taking a pro-active approach to safety, we relentlessly seek ways to improve our safety performance.


Acting ethically and honorably wins loyalty. Our behavior is matching our words and we take accountability and responsibility for our actions.



Innovative processes, creative ideas, research and development that bring together various novel ideas in a way that shall have an impact on society.



Building a strong and durable company for future generations, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, fostering freedom to act, and helping improve communities and the environment.