Active Tenders

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.P.J.S.C. invites prospective bidders to quote for the following:

  • Instruction to bidders for tenders 1, 2 and 3 (Tender Document shall be issued through ARIBA system) 
    1. Interested bidders shall communicate their willingness to bid and send contact details to “” indicating reference numbers & description of the tender, company name, address, telephone, official email…etc. latest by the date mentioned above.
    2. Non-refundable tender fee are payable to QAPCO QNB account # 0013-001688-060 at any QNB branch maximum by 17th Feb 2020.
    3. Tender link will be sent via an email notification from ARIBA system to the confirmed participants. Tender Document will be accessible only after attaching the evidence of the tender fee payment in ARIBA by the bidder followed by Qapco approval.
    4. QAPCO shall provide bidders with access to “ARIBA eSourcing RFP event” along with necessary instructions and guidelines for the bid submission.
    5. Original Tender Bond (Bank Guarantee) must be submitted to: Procurement Group Manager, QATAR PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY (QAPCO) Q.S.C., QAPCO Doha Office, C Ring Road, East Al-Hilal, Zone No. 42, Street No. 928, Al-Aszhat Road., Doha, Qatar, : 4033 8104 / 4033 8064
    6. Copy of tender bond has to be attached to the offer in ARIBA. Offer without Tender Bond will not be considered.

For any clarification on the tenders, please send your queries addressed with the reference and description to email Or by fax to +974 4477 0459

Note: Bidders who are not registered in QAPCO are requested to complete the supplier registration process during the tendering period (Detailed steps about ARIBA registration can be accessed on this page.