QAPCO Celebrates Business Continuity Awareness Week 2021


Doha, Qatar – The annual Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), an annual global initiative, was an opportunity for employees to learn more about, and understand the importance of business continuity management.

The year’s campaign themed ‘Business Continuity Starts with YOU’ ran from 30th May to 03rd June, emphasized that business continuity is not just a ‘plan’, but a collaborative discipline that involves everyone in the organization from top to the bottom all working together to ensure the business continues in the event of a disruption.

QAPCO’s 2021 BCAW was launched with a message from the MD&CEO, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mulla, who emphasized that we should strive to continuously improve QAPCO’s business continuity awareness, planning and overall capability to enhance our resilience to any future disruptions.

For the occasion, our campaign covered a range of activities including the daily BCM alerts on your email, the screen savers on your computer, the BCM Quiz, or you were one of the participants of the Business awareness session that was conducted on Microsoft teams. All activities were designed to increase the awareness of our business continuity tools and practices and reinforce the importance of planning for resilience.

Overall, the campaign was successful, and several learnings were obtained from the survey data and feedback we obtained from all who participated.  These will be incorporated in our business continuity management, and BCAW campaign as part of continuous improvement.

It is important to remember that Business continuity is the ability to continue operations at an acceptable level during a disruption. It is focused on managing operational impacts and not the causes.

Business Continuity is one of the responses within the overall corporate Business Continuity Management capability which include Emergency Response, Crisis Management & Crisis communications, and IT Disaster Recovery.

As an organization we must plan for the unexpected and be well practised is our continuity responses.  This will give us the best chance to minimize the consequence should a disruptive incident occur.

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