QAPCO leading supporter of Omar Bin Al Khattab Independent School for Boys Graduation Ceremony


Doha, Qatar – 27 June 2016: In line with its support of the Qatar National Vision 2030, to promote the development of the education sector, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) has supported the graduation ceremony of Omar Bin Al Khattab Independent Secondary School for Boys, for the 16th batch of students.

The ceremony was held on 22 June 2016 in Doha, with more than 170 promising graduates honored for their outstanding academic achievements and the conclusion of their preparatory studies.


On this special occasion, Mr Hassan Ajran M. Al Boenain, Principal Operator at the school, said, “As educators, it is our responsibility to empower students with the spirit of creativity and initiative. We always strive to deliver the highest level of education and support to our students, developing their skills and capabilities and reinforcing all the positive aspects of learning and development. The graduation ceremony reflects the school’s commitment to graduate highly-qualified students who have the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and so will have future professional success and make significant contributions to the country’s success”.

Dr-Al-Mulla---MD-and-CEO-of-QAPCO-speaking-at-the-podiumAlso speaking at the ceremony was QAPCO’s Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Mulla, who underlined the importance of industry in advocating and supporting the education sector in Qatar. He said, “QAPCO is very proud to be the leading supporter of prestigious Omar Bin Al Khattab School Graduation, for this 16th batch of students. At QAPCO we are fully committed to realizing the Qatar National Vision 2030 and we recognize that the future of our industry depends on the youth we nurture today. We place the highest importance on engaging and supporting local schools, universities and colleges, especially through our investment in research and development and through the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education”.

QAPCO has an impressive track record of investing in the youth of Qatar, as well as recruiting, developing and retaining Qatari talent. The company recently received its fifth prestigious Qatarization Crystal award for supporting and liaising with the education sector, which highlights the success of QAPCO’s scholarship and internship programs, as well as their engagement and investment in education.

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