QAPCO’s Qatarization Program


Supporting the development of Qataris (and our workforce overall) is at the heart of all operations at QAPCO.

Designed with the aim of making QAPCO an appealing choice for Qatari nationals, our Qatarization programs align with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and provide a framework for a consistent Qatarization strategy across QAPCO.

We offer:

  • Stimulating career paths
  • Competitive renumeration
  • World-class training
  • Unique culture and environment


Finding the right people

We are committed to identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining exceptional Qatari employees for permanent positions across our company through robust national development, scholarships and internship programs.

We strive to recognise and reward Qatari nationals based on their skills, drive and contributions by incentivizing performance that sustains our culture and benefits our long-term business goals.

Qatari employees are also given the opportunity to reach their full potential through training, mentoring and coaching.

Why join QAPCO?

There are many advantages of starting your professional journey with QAPCO . Our strategy has been designed with the aim of empowering and engaging our Qatari employees, ensuring they are accountable and responsible – the four pillars of a long and successful career with our company.

Our goal is to provide you with training, guidance and mentorship from our experienced employees, with the ideal objective of exposing you to a wide range of stimulating roles and responsibilities across the business.

In this way, we hope you will gain valuable, hands-on experience, along with a chance to be identified as a high-potential employee.