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QAPCO makes primarily low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a basic plastic polymer that is derived from oil and natural gas and used in millions of products that we encounter in our daily lives.

LDPE is considered as the most commonly used type of plastic. Thanks to its innovative applications, it makes our daily lives more practical, safer and greener.

Some of the more well-known applications include:

  • food packaging
  • agricultural films
  • extrusion and coating lamination films
  • high-clarity films
  • injection moulding
  • cables, wires, foam and other products.

LDPE also plays a key role in the development of green building solutions.


Food-ComplianceQAPCO’s food-grade polymers comply with EU and US FDA standards related to food packaging safety.

Main and Associated Products



Since July 2013, our products have been marketed and sold exclusively through Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat) Q.P.J.S.C. under the Lotrène brand.