Caustic Soda

NaOH (Caustic Soda Solution, CSS 50%)

Caustic Soda Solution (NaOH) is a colourless, viscous, corrosive liquid with a neutral odour. It is completely soluble in water. Contact with most metals results in the formation of flammable hydrogen gas.

Qatar Vinyl Company’s (QVC) Caustic Soda is produced from electrolysis of brine solution at our petrochemical complex located in Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC), Mesaieed, Qatar.


  • Molecular Weight: 40.1 g/mol
  • Boiling Point: 142-144 °C
  • Freezing Point: 12 °C
  • Vapor Pressure: 2 hPa at 20 °C
  • Liquid Density (Water = 1.0): 1.52 kg/m3 (@ 20 °C)


NaOH is used in numerous industries including soap and detergent to paper making and the alumina industry.

Handling and storage

Caustic Soda is corrosive. It should be stored away from oxidizing agents and acidic materials in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Although stable under normal conditions, Caustic Soda reacts with metals to form explosive and flammable hydrogen gas. Adding water to Caustic Soda produces a violent, exothermic reaction.

When fighting Caustic spills, proper protective clothing and respiratory equipment should be used and unprotected personnel should be moved upwind of the area. Large spills must be reported to the QVC Emergency No. 4476 5800. Disposal of spill material should be in accordance with Qatari regulations.

Kindly refer to the QVC Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more detailed information regarding the use, storage and safe handling of this product:

Material Safety Data Sheet